Bill Perkins, Dan Bilzerian Banned from ACR for Multi-Accounting

February 28, 2017 by Jeremy

bill-perkins-bilzerian-amercas-cardroomBusinessman and recreational poker player Bill Perkins has been gaining a lot of attention for his Twitch stream, The Thirst Lounge. Unfortunately, it looks like all of this attention has gotten him banned from Americas Cardroom (ACR) for multi-accounting.

The incident first surfaced last month, when Instagram sensation Dan Bilzerian was seen playing on Perkins’ “gastrader” account during a Twitch stream. Doug Polk made a YouTube video that critiqued Bilzerian’s play, but one of the key takeaways is that he was playing on Perkins’ account, rather than his own.

It doesn’t appear that Bilzerian is any ringer because he made both good and bad plays while playing $10/$20 heads-up hold’em. But given that any other player would be banned for such a violation, it’s only right that Perkins also got the boot.

As reported by HighStakesDB, ACR didn’t initially take action against Perkins and Bilzerian. And a primary motivation for doing nothing is that Bilzerian has one of the world’s largest social media followings, while Perkins is gaining more steam with The Thirst Lounge.

But as the streaming continued, ACR had no choice but to take action, or continue receiving criticism for giving Perkins and Bilzerian preferential treatment. During a live-stream on a $25/$50 cash table, the pair reacted upon finding out that they’d been booted.

“They f**kin’ kicked us off!” Bilzerian exclaimed.

“We got booted, finally?” Perkins said, realizing that they could only multi-account for so long.

ACR is a black-market online poker site that continues to operate in the grey areas of US online gaming regulation. Considering that most US states don’t have any legislation regarding online poker, ACR technically isn’t violating any laws by offering poker to Americans in non-regulated states.

Now that Perkins and Bilzerian can’t play here any longer, they’ll have to find another black-market site to stream their games from.