David Letterman Playing Poker and Blowing $400m?

March 15, 2017 by Jeremy

david-letterman-pokerDavid Letterman is a lot of things, including a retired talk-show host, a father, and now, apparently, an up-and-coming poker pro.

He’s attempting to make his way through poker with his $400 million net worth. But his friends aren’t as enthusiastic as he is about this new hobby.

“Dave’s trying to enjoy life a little by picking up new hobbies, but gambling isn’t what his old friends had in mind,” a source told the National Enquirer, “They wish Dave would stick to skiing and fishing. Everyone’s hoping this poker thing is just a phase.”

Letterman hasn’t been trying to hide his poker play, even encouraging his family and close friends to join in on the matter.

“Dave has rediscovered his love for poker,” said the source. “He hadn’t played in years, but he’s been getting back into it, and he even started teaching his 13-year-old son, Harry, over the kitchen table. Now Dave wants to take his skills to Las Vegas, where he dreams of winning big!”

One reason why Letterman’s friends started worrying is when they found out he was preparing to go up against Ben Affleck and Tobey Maguire. And these guys aren’t your average celebrity players.

“Those guys are as close to professional players as you can get,” the source explained.

“Dave’s totally out of his league with them. He might be worth $400 million, but those guys will have no hesitation in cleaning him out!”

Perhaps Letteman is just trying to feel more connected to his idol and fellow talk show host, Johnny Carson, who was also a great poker player. He would regularly have poker parties in the 1970s and 80’s in Malibu where he lived.

Or maybe Dave is just bored with retirement and looking to stir things up again. In 2009, Letterman admitted on air to having multiple affairs while married after a $2 million extortion attempt, during which time he also insisted his poker playing was not a problem.

In any case we hope Letterman doesn’t fall into another struggle with alcohol or end up penny-less like ‘NYPD Blue’ creator David Milch, who also loved poker and gambling, eventually losing $100 million.