Poker Bonuses

Poker Bonuses – Most of your online poker sites offer some sort of poker bonus. There are, of course exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, it is true. makes it easy for you to find online poker bonuses by using our contacts at the poker rooms to get the best possible deal for you. We have compiled this list here. To take full advantage of each room’s poker bonuses, click on the name of the room and enter the poker bonus code when prompted to do so.

Room’s Poker Bonus Bonus % Bonus $ Bonus Code
Full Tilt 100% $600
Party Poker 100% $500 VPP500
PokerStars 100% $600 PokerHG1

It is important to note that not all rooms offer bonus codes with their poker bonuses. In order to help you find online poker bonuses, has collected all of this data directly from each online poker room.

The bonuses that are offered by the online poker sites are very exciting for most players. Every single online poker room today offers at least some form of bonus to its players. The match sign up bonus is the most popular and the most common form of bonuses. This is the bonus where the site would offer you money when you sign up on the site. This bonus would be equal to the percentage of your initial deposit. Some sites would offer 100% or sometimes even more than that to the players. However, there are quite a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages of taking the benefit of these bonus programs.

The Pros

* Financial benefit is the most obvious advantage of these online bonuses. You would be offered free money by the site just to sign up on the website with the right code and play your favorite game. If you are a winning player your expected value would automatically increase. Even if you lose a lot, it can help you cut your losses and if you are somewhere in the middle, it can give you an edge and put you on top.

* Another advantage is that it is a good way to shop around. A sign up bonus would allow you to test a new site without having to invest your own money. You can play for as long as it would take to release your bonus. If you want to continue playing you can otherwise you can just take the bonus and move on to another site.

* There would be no obligations. Even if you have collected your bonus from a particular site, you would not be stopped to going to another online casino and getting another bonus from there. All you would have to do is to play for as long as it is needed to clear the bonus.

The cons

* One of the biggest disadvantages is that there are certain clearing requirements. You might not be able to get your bonus till you play a specified number of raked hands. The number of hands would depend on the bonus size. This is a reasonable requirement as far as the poker site is concerned. However, if you don’t like the site at all, you would still have to play for a while in order to get the bonus. However, once you do you can get your bonus and leave.

* Most sites would also have a time requirement within which you would have to clear your bonus. If your bankroll gets depleted and if you do not refill your account in the given time to play the required number of hands, you would lose the bonus.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the online bonuses that are offered by most poker sites today. Do not look at the bonus as house money since the money can actually be used wisely as a sizable bankroll.

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