7-card Stud Poker Rules

7 Card Stud, a game for between 2-8 players, is today among the most popular versions of Poker. The game has gained popularity, both in the US and abroad, due to its classic Poker feel and simple game rules.

How To Play 7 Card Stud Poker

First everyone is dealt 2 hole cards (cards only you can see)and then 2 open cards (cards everyone at the table can see).
After the hole cards are dealt, it is time for the first round of betting. The person with the best hand showing (the two open cards) opens the bet. The bet goes around clockwise until everyone is done.
Then comes another open card for everyone.
Again the person with the best hand showing will start the bet.
One more open card is dealt to everyone.
Another round of betting now with the best hand opening the bets again.
Finally comes the last card dealt. Some prefer to play this is an open card and some like it as a hole card. Here we prefer to play the last card down in the hole. This was there is more of an unknown factor to what your opponents have and it comes down more to reading other players’ mannerisms.
Now for the last round of betting.
After the last round of betting, it’s time for the showdown. Have the best hand and win the pot.