Payments and Verification at Online Casinos

Payments and Verification at Online Casinos

Gambling is a very responsible business. Beginners often do not pay serious attention to the moment of registration and verification in online casinos. It often scares people to send personal data to unknown people or services.

As a rule, passport data must be sent during verification. In other cases, additional documents or actions like confirm home address, scan a bank card, make a utility bill or others (еach service may have its own requirements) may be required. Plastic card data scares beginners the most.

In this article we explain how to confirm a casino account and what you should do or not do. Of course, before registering at an online casino, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules and conditions of a virtual gambling club. Each portal has a set of rules that must not be violated in order to withdraw winnings. Many newcomers make mistakes at the very first stages when filling out a profile, which can negatively affect the review in the casino.

What is verification?

If we refer to the online casino, this means that the casino must be able to prove whether the registered player is really who he claims to be. This is also often called KYC (Know-Your-Customer).

The online casinos are obliged by the guidelines of the issued licenses to check the players carefully and to perform such verification. Here, the security factor plays a major role in every reputable online provider and is very important for both casinos and players.

Why is it important to register and verify account in casino?

Most online casinos allow visitors to experience the offered gambling games in free demo versions. However, access to all services is only open to registered users. Without a valid account, players cannot:

  • Play online casino for money,
  • receive bonuses and free spins,
  • compete for prizes in tournaments,
  • claim progressive jackpots,
  • participate in the loyalty program.

Thus, an unregistered visitor of a gambling site can get acquainted with the offered services only superficially and test online slots in a demo version. All other features, even if they are free, remain closed to him.

Advantages of identity verification for players

When a casino takes strict verification measures, it is usually about a reputable gambling house. By confirming your identity, the gaming portal also prevents the misuse of your payment information. Thanks to this procedure, no one but you has access to your player account as well as your banking details. However, this is not the case when an online casino withdrawal is made without verification.

Before you provide your personal information to an online casino, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a reliable service and do not provide information to scammers.

Choosing a reliable casino

Let’s highlight the most important aspects when choosing a gaming portal. Any trustworthy site should have the following:

  1. Licenses from verified regulatory authorities,
  2. authentic games from reputable providers,
  3. publicly available information about the founders,
  4. contact information,
  5. RTP data reports,
  6. good casino ratings,
  7. responsible online casino gaming program
  8. customer data protection system,
  9. clear privacy policy.

All features should be taken into consideration. It is best to focus on one casino. You also need to remember that some sites do not serve residents of certain countries or implement restrictions for them. We also recommend paying attention to casino ratings and user reviews.

How to Pass Verification in a Casino

The first and most important rule for successful verification is the absence of duplicate gaming accounts. It is forbidden to have multiple gaming accounts in an online casino, which is required by the rules. It is equally important to fill out a personal profile with real data. Enter your personal data carefully and without errors. To learn how to pass the verification in a casino, go to the section Conditions and rules of a gambling club. You can also find more information in the online chat of the technical support.

Depending on the online casino, different documents may be required. For verification purposes, the club administration may request the following documents:

  • Good quality scan or passport photo. Additionally, they may request a registration page.
  • Driver’s license, analogous to a passport.
  • Confirmation of residential address.
  • Scan or photo of the bank card used to make the deposit.
  • Screenshot of the payment system used to fund the account.

The above documents are the norm and standard for confirming your account. In licensed online casinos, personal information about players is located on secure servers. Data leaks to the network are impossible.

When Do I Need to Verify My Casino Account?

We recommend that you verify your casino account immediately after registration. Many players have experienced the following problem: after creating the account, the gaming session started with a successful result. The player wants to withdraw the winnings but does not want to go through verification or has created multiple accounts. The withdrawal of the winnings is rejected and the gaming account is locked. For successful withdrawals from the casino, run the following action algorithm:

  1. Transition to the official casino website, familiarize yourself with the rules and bonus policies.
  2. Register an account with correct data and at the age of 18 and above.
  3. Fill a player profile with real information without errors.
  4. Account confirmation with the help of the operator in the online chat.

Follow the algorithm when registering at any casino and there will be no problems with the withdrawal of winnings. Most online casinos require documentary confirmation of the account for any withdrawal of winnings. However, there are other clubs where you can play without confirmation.

Licensed Casinos Without Confirmation

Nowadays, gambling clubs offer the possibility to play games of chance and withdraw winnings without documents. Licensed casinos without verification exist in single copies. The owners of these establishments believed that it is not worth counting every penny and thrilled visitors with verifications. All players over 18 years of age can start playing in these clubs. Usually, only a confirmation of a mobile number and an email is required to withdraw a profit.

How do deposits and withdrawals work in an online casino without verification?

If you think that an online casino without verification is risky in terms of money transfer, you are wrong. On the one hand, as mentioned, the respective licensing authority has an eye on this important aspect, and on the other hand, the common payment method at such providers is Trustly. Dubious practices have never been noticed, so the service provider can definitely be classified as safe.

Trustly works the next way: if a deposit or withdrawal is made, the player is automatically forwarded to Trustly, where he can check the amount of his payment once again and consequently enter his bank details. These details remain withheld from the operator of the online casino without verification and are not visible to him.

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